How to Play Hilo on Stake

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There have been several variants of this unique card game. Yet this exclusively designed version of Hilo here at Stake has become a fan favorite.

Hilo is a high-paced game with technically no upper limit multiplier. It’s simple to play and easy to learn compared to most other card-based games .

Despite the low learning curve, this game keeps the player guessing every step of the way. Choosing the right selection repeatedly can offer some truly amazing payout opportunities.

Hilo Basics

Hilo is a game thats just as much about the choices a player makes as it is about the luck of the draw. In this prediction-based game, the result of each round can vary drastically depending on your selection before each card is drawn. The objective is to properly guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than the current one displayed. The order of the cards are setup like so (from lowest to highest):


Each card has a set order amongst the rest of the cards just as in a normal deck of cards. However payouts will change based on the probability of the next card being drawn in relation to one drawn before it.

For each upcoming card, you can select one of three options: Higher or Same – Lower or Same – Skip Card. The reason for the “or same” ending is due to the fact that the game is played with an unlimited number of decks. There can be instances where the same card is drawn in succession multiple times in a row.

For every card except Ace and King, if the same card is drawn again, selecting either Higher or Lower will both be correct.

However, the payouts can greatly differ. This is based on the probability that the next card will be within the selection you chose.

For example, if you start with a 2 card, selecting “higher or the same” has a 92.31% probability while as the chances of a card appearing that is a 2 or lower has only a 15.38% chance. This means that the payout would be significantly higher if you selected Lower or Same and an Ace or 2 card was drawn.

Basics Continued

For Aces and Kings, you will notice that instead of having the usual options Higher or Same and Lower or Same, one of the choices will now be “Same” on its own. This is because the Ace and King are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. This means that in order to be correct should the same card be drawn, you would have to select the Same option.

Lastly, there’s the skip option. You have the option of skipping cards either before betting or during. With either one, you can skip as many times as you’d like. Once you’ve placed a bet, whenever you skip a card the next card is in relation to the last skipped card. Not the card you had prior to any skips. The payout amounts remain the same regardless of if you skip or not.

Hilo Game Mechanics

For Hilo, there are 52 unique possible outcomes just as there are in a standard deck of cards. However on Stake, an unlimited amount of decks is used when generating the game event.

Although this may seem like a disadvantage, it’s actually advantageous in hilo. This unique function is what allows you to have the chance of getting more than 4 aces or kings in a row.

Each turn of a card always has the same probability. To calculate each turn, the randomly generated float is multiplied by 52. This is then translated into a particular card based on the following index:


// Index of 0 to 51 : ♦2 to ♣A

const CARDS = [ 

♦2, ♥2, ♠2, ♣2, ♦3, ♥3, ♠3, ♣3, ♦4, ♥4,

♠4, ♣4, ♦5, ♥5, ♠5, ♣5, ♦6, ♥6, ♠6, ♣6,

♦7, ♥7, ♠7, ♣7, ♦8, ♥8, ♠8, ♣8, ♦9, ♥9,

♠9, ♣9, ♦10, ♥10, ♠10, ♣10, ♦J, ♥J, ♠J,

♣J, ♦Q, ♥Q, ♠Q, ♣Q, ♦K, ♥K, ♠K, ♣K, ♦A,

♥A, ♠A, ♣A


// Game event translation

const card = CARDS[Math.floor(float * 52)];

As with all original games at, the results for hilo are generated using a provably fair system which utilizes a user settable client seed along with a server seed. The seed pair along with the nonce and a cursor of 13 is used as input parameters when generating bytes using a random number generator.

The random bytes in this initial step are used as the foundation of generating provably fair results in hilo. To read more about Stakes provably fair implementation, read our article on it here .

Hilo Advanced Features

As hilo is more of a “hands-on” game that requires user input every card draw, there are only a few advanced features beyond the normal features built into the game.

+ Hotkeys

Players can enable hotkeys to bet using a keyboard rather than a mouse. Hotkeys can be used to efficiently manipulate the bet amount, payout, select high or low and placing a bet all at the stroke of pre-mapped keys.

In conclusion…

Hilo is a game that offers a thrill every time you play due to the possibility of endless multipliers. Regardless if you’re a novice or seasoned hilo player, this game is sure to deliver for many years to come on the Stake casino . For betting games and sports on the Stake platform , HiLo continues the tradition of simple to understand gameplay with strong betting mechanics for highly engaging gameplay.