NHL Regular Season Weekly Preview: Week 10

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Week 10 of the National Hockey League will be amped up to the max!

A ton of teams have now felt the brunt of the season bearing down upon their teams, which means the stakes are all that much higher.

There is a new sense of urgency to be found around the league, with organizations pushing their rosters to find the winning formula to save their seasons.

Although some teams are living life to the maximum now, there are a ton of teams just as good, fighting below their paygrade.

Week 10 signifies a time in the season where teams should have now figured out their identities, and how they plan on winning games.

This doesn't mean it will be easy, but games will get consistently more tiring. It is important to gather as many wins as you possibly can, as the season is very long.

There is no guarantee to make or not make the playoffs, which makes it even tougher on players when the results come up just a bit short.

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New Jersey Devils versus Dallas Stars - Tuesday, December 13th

Two teams that are hot as ever are set to face off Tuesday in a Western versus Eastern Conference battle.

The New Jersey Devils currently sit atop of their conference with a whooping 21 wins up to this point.

The team is clicking on all cylinders and are not letting anyone else phase them in the process.

There is a very distinct vibe around the Devils locker room, with confidence and swagger among the top emotions.

Their offense has emerged as a seriously underrated threat within the league and has put everyone on notice.

They will need to play up to their standards when the Stars come into the frame this Tuesday.

Devils fans know they are going to be a force heading into the second half of the season, but will their health and consistency remain the course?

Time will tell, and a tough win against the Stars would speak volumes as to what level they are cooking up.

The Stars will want to ruffle some feathers with a huge cross-conference victory this Tuesday.

A possible opportunity at a nineteenth win will be up for grabs, and their unwavering will to keep on pushing will be a huge factor.

The Stars have largely been able to contain their opponents on the defensive end of the ice, willing to keep their offense in check whenever the open opportunities present themselves.

This game will present a ton of great matchups, though.

With nearly every position being matched by the Devils, we should see a game with scrappiness and hard-fought possessions.

Betting Prediction - Stars on the money line in this great battle between two of the top teams in the league right now

Boston Bruins versus Columbus Blue Jackets - Friday, December 16th

The Bruins and Jackets are on two opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to current standings within the Eastern Conference.

The Bruins are firing on all cylinders at the moment, becoming a team that many have feared throughout the season.

Columbus is searching for any spark that gets them back on track, which can be hard.

Although the season is still somewhat young, the Blue Jackets are used to better performances than their current state.

Look for the Bruins to try and end this game early, but the Jackets to prove a point within not only their fans but themselves.

Prediction - Over on total goals in a matchup where both teams will see opportunities.