How to Bet on Formula 1

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How to Bet on Formula 1 Racing – F1 Betting Guide, Odds & Lines

Formula 1 represents the pinnacle of competitive motorsports and is the world's most viewed and backed motor racing.

Stake online sportsbook offers an exhaustive range of Formula 1 betting options and opportunities designed to accommodate all levels of F1 sports bettors.

Learn how to bet on Formula 1 racing through understanding odds and markets, along with tips and tricks to maximise your F1 betting season.

What is Formula 1 Racing?

Formula 1 (F1 for short) is the highest formula racing class for single-seater, open-wheel racing cars.

The sport is sanctioned by the FIA or Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile, and the term ‘formula’ references a specific set of rules that all participating teams must adhere to.

Like most sports, Formula 1 is seasonal, and each season comprises several individual Grand Prix races. F1 is a touring sport, and races occur at various dedicated circuits or specially closed-off public roads (like the Monaco Grand Prix).

This makes for an exhilarating and dynamic sport to bet on, as individual Grand Prix can differ greatly. Unique circuit designs, weather conditions over the race period and other factors contribute to some intensive and immersive sports betting.

F1 Grand Prix events are held over an entire weekend, beginning with two free practice sessions, which take place on the Friday. Saturday sees another free practice round followed by a qualifying session, which determines the starting grid position for Sunday’s race.

You’ll find betting opportunities at for full F1 race weekends, with plenty of interesting markets covering Friday’s practice sessions building up through the Saturday qualifier and Sunday official race day.

Potential betting options include who might be the driver in pole position, individual driver performance, favourite to win and more.

Every race yields points for drivers and teams, culminating in World Championship awards for drivers and constructors (teams), respectively.

History of Formula 1

Formula 1 can trace its roots to the European Motor Racing Championships, popular in the 1920s and 1930s. This is where the concept of racing formula was born. The formula (specific set of rules) that became Formula 1 was agreed upon in 1946, and the first non-championship race was held as the Turin Grand Prix that same year.

The following year saw various Grand Prix racing organisations meet to finalise the World Drivers’ Championship, with the first official world championship race taking place in 1950 at the Silverstone circuit in England. Today, F1 racing continues to evolve and with it's growing popularity, has cemented its status as the pinnacle of motorsport.

When are the F1 Races?

After its inaugural season in 1950, F1 has grown from a seven-circuit season held in seven different countries to 23 races held in 20 different countries for the 2023 season.

The United States and Italy both claimed multiple races for the season, with the US hosting the Miami Grand Prix, The Las Vegas Grand Prix, and the classic US Grand Prix held at the Circuit of the Americas in Texas. Italy was due to hold two events, but sadly, the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix was cancelled due to severe flooding in the area.

The season usually runs from March to November, so keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming 2024 races scheduled to plan the heart-stopping action ahead.

Best Formula 1 Teams & F1 Drivers

  • Stake F1 Team finished sixth overall in the 2022 championship, with Valtteri Bottas and teammate Zhou Guanyu completing debut performances for Alfa Romeo.

  • Team Red Bull is on track to repeat their incredible performance in 2022, with current world champ Max Verstappen aiming to complete a hat-trick of world titles.

  • Mercedes – British driver Lewis Hamilton no longer has things his own way with Verstappen, the new king of the track.

  • Ferrari – Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz drive for the most famous Formula 1 team ever.

  • Alpine - Esteban Ocon is worth a look in as is an old favourite, Fernando Alonso, who hopes that his drive with Aston Martin will see him back on the podium once more.

How Do You Bet on Formula 1?

Betting on Formula 1 is easy at Stake Sportsbook and begins with a quick player account set-up. Once you’ve completed this simple process, you must add your local currency or cryptocurrency to finance your first Formula 1 bets. If you don’t have crypto available, don’t worry; buying crypto from Stake is safe and secure .

To further enhance your F1 betting, check out some of Stake’s fantastic betting bonuses and related promotions , available to new and existing customers. Remember, betting markets are available for the entire F1 season and the full weekend of events for each Grand Prix.

Types of Formula 1 Bets & F1 Betting Markets

Stake offers many betting options and types of bets to enhance your winning opportunities, including great bet-builders , easy spread bets and more, where you can bet on individual races within the same betting slip.

What makes betting on Formula 1 so attractive is that it is more straightforward than many other sports. There isn’t too much of a learning curve, and you don’t have to be a dedicated F1 fan to make winning bets.

Outright Winner

This is a popular market where you’re simply deciding who will be the race winner. That said, outright bets can also be multi-faceted, offering plenty of latitude within the Formula 1 outright bet option. Outright betting allows you to also select:

  • Race winner

  • Championship winner

  • Fastest lap

  • Pit stops

  • Constructors winner

  • Podium finish (finishing positions)

  • Fastest time in practice

Driver Matchups bet

Driver matchups are super popular F1 bets as you pit one driver against another. With driver matchup bets, it’s not about where they finish in the overall race, just as long as the driver you bet on beats the other driver in your matchup.

Live F1 Betting - How to Live Stream F1 Races & Place In-Play Bets features both live and pre-match F1 betting options. All major F1 races are live-streamed on our platform, letting you watch the action unfold and bet in real-time.

Log in to your account to see which live F1 events will be streamed before the race weekend. In-play betting is a great way to adjust your bets on the fly, given how fluid and unpredictable a Formula 1 race can be.

F1 Betting Strategies & Tips to Win

Before betting on F1, check these handy betting tips and strategies:

  • Do as much research ahead of the Grand Prix weekend as possible. Keep a close eye on developments regarding drivers, cars, and engines. All of these factors play a significant role in where a given driver or team will place on race day, as well as the race odds leading up to the event.

  • Take note of weather predictions over the race weekend. Rain will affect tyre choice and driving strategies. Heat brings its own set of challenges for both drivers and teams on the race track.

  • Avoid emotional betting. It’s great to have a favourite driver or team, but always bet according to reliable stats and expert information when it comes to betting. Read up on our expert F1 picks and predictions , as well as our online sports betting guide to gain all the knowledge you need to make informed Formula 1 bets.

  • Please remember to bet responsibly and enjoy your Formula 1 betting. Refer to our Stake Smart guidelines and our Responsible Gambling Guide for more tips.

  • Be sure to take advantage of the Stake VIP Club to receive a range of added benefits and perks designed to enhance your Stake sports betting site experience and increase your potential payout.

F1 Betting Odds & Payouts Explained

F1 odds are not very different to odds found in other sports at Stake. Favourite drivers or teams invariably have shorter odds, while underdogs or outsiders have longer odds.

Short odds imply that the driver or team is more likely to win, while long odds imply that drivers or teams are far less likely to win. For your convenience, gives odds options in all three popular formats – decimal, fractional, and American.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods for F1 Betting

Effortlessly deposit your local currency or crypto units into your account to bet on F1 and other sports by following these simple steps:

  1. Step 1 – Retrieve your deposit address, located in Wallet > Deposit.

  2. Step 2 – Choose the method that suits your needs. supports multiple currencies , including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (Doge), Litecoin (LTC), and others.

  3. Step 3 – Use your deposit address as the ‘send to’ location for your crypto wallet or exchange.

  4. Step 4 (Optional) – If you wish to make a deposit via fiat currency, you can buy crypto for Stake via Moonpay. offers live support to players via our customer support staff for help with issues regarding golf betting and depositing and withdrawing units .

Moonpay supports multiple payment options, including Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others, to buy cryptocurrency to bet on sports. For a full list of supported payment options, please refer to the Moonpay documentation .

You can also read up on the Vault to learn how to safely secure your crypto online.

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