NHL Regular Season Weekly Preview: Week 8

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The NHL season looks to be in the topflight form at this point in November and teams are starting to figure things out.

The fight to the playoffs is almost one third done, which means line-ups and rosters are reaching their final forms.

The play within the national hockey league has been great this year and the standard is always being raised day by day.

Goals are coming at a great pace, while also leaving room for some defensive battles.

The parity within this year’s teams looks to be increased, meaning more room for even games.

There hasn’t been much separating the bottom of the conferences from the top, other than a few wins here and there.

Anyone can beat anybody on any given day in the NHL, which makes it one of the best leagues to watch right now.

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Boston Bruins versus Tampa Bay Lightning - Tuesday, November 29th

The Bruins are one of the most fascinating teams to watch in the whole league not because of their Eastern Conference best record, but because of how they play the game.

Being able to move the puck around to everyone and distribute passes to find the best opportunity is something that the Bruins have seem to have mastered.

Their uncanny ability to be unselfish and settling for the best opportunities regardless of individual want is what is carrying their team right now.

Defensively, they have players who know when to get rid of the puck as well as when to hold.

They face the former two-time Champions in the Lightning this upcoming Tuesday which serves as a great test for the Bruins. Regular season has been absolutely electric for them so far and this match will be the same.

The Tampa Bay Lightning is trying to reel in their troops after an inconsistent start to the 2022-2023 season.

The former Stanley Cup finalists are going to need every ounce of energy they can get out of their players.

Star goalkeeper Vasilevskiy believes his team is still one of the favourites for the title, and that there is no reason to be worried right now.

Nonetheless, the Lightning roster has some old spots, making it tough to rely on their laurels in such a youth dominated league.

They have all the experience in the world and the leadership you can ask for, however, do they have the fast, raw, talent to keep up with the rest?

Betting Prediction - Bruins money line and the puck line for -1.5 goals to be both won.

Pittsburgh Penguins versus Vegas Golden Knights - Thursday, December 1st

The Penguins and Golden Knights are set to clash this Thursday and a very tightly contested game.

The Penguins are currently 11-7, a record that speaks volumes to their performance on the rink.

Evgeny Malkin was recently given his induction ceremony and his team is on the cusp of making a difference in a possible playoff berth.

On the other hand, the VGK are stacking their abilities in the best way possible.

Sitting at first place in the Pacific division, the Knights are starting to find their groove.

Things can get scary for other teams when VGK is able to carry out their plans.

Just two years removed from a Stanley Cup berth, look for the Knights to take this game seriously and battle until the end.

Prediction - Pittsburgh 1x2 and the +1.5-puck line in a valiant matchup with the Western Conference’s best!

42 ' 第一节
卡尔加里火焰 - 亚利桑那州土狼
胜者 (incl. overtime and penalties)


新泽西魔鬼 - 纽约岛人
胜者 (incl. overtime and penalties)


坦帕湾闪电 - 布法罗军刀
胜者 (incl. overtime and penalties)


匹兹堡企鹅 - 纳什维尔掠夺者
胜者 (incl. overtime and penalties)


底特律红翼 - 蒙特利尔加拿大人
胜者 (incl. overtime and penalties)


华盛顿首都 - 波士顿棕熊
胜者 (incl. overtime and penalties)


纽约游骑兵 - 渥太华参议员
胜者 (incl. overtime and penalties)


洛杉矶国王 - 明尼苏达野人
胜者 (incl. overtime and penalties)


爱民顿油人 - 圣荷西鲨鱼
胜者 (incl. overtime and penalties)