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Reactoonz 2 Reactoonz 2
Edge:  3.80%

Hit the cascade feature, fill the Fluctometer and charge the Quantumeter to turn a big profit on our amazing Reactoonz 2 slots game!

Reactoonz 2 is a 7-reel slot game by Play N' Go and the sequel to the popular Reactoonz slot , with added features and gameplay changes. This exciting outer space themed slots game sends the player into a sci-fi adventure where they match 5 or more matching alien Toonz together in the 7x7 grid format to win big!

The gameplay is dynamic and the round doesn't end just by matching Toonz symbols - with the now empty grid slots making the remaining unmatched symbols fall in place with new symbols taking their place. This means the round keeps going, with the possibility of multiple symbol matches chained together from the same wager leading to big wins and increased chances of activating bonuses.

With vibrant graphics, colourful alien characters, and engaging gameplay paired with a fun sci-fi soundtrack, it is easy to see why Reactoonz 2 is one of the most popular slot games available on the online casino .

How to Play Reactoonz 2

Reactoonz 2 is a slot game where the player tries to match 5 or more matching symbols on the 7x7 gameplay grid.

There are 8 total Toonz symbols which are all colourful and quirky aliens. Ranging from lowest to highest payout, these aliens are the yellow one-eyed, green one-eyed, orange one-eyed, purple one-eyed, blue two-eyed, orange two-eyed, green two-eyed and finally the pink two-eyed alien which has the highest payout up to 100.00x for matching 15 or more symbols!

The other symbols on the game grid contribute to bonus features including the uncharged wilds, electric wilds, Gargantoon wild and Energoon wild. These symbols can act as wilds and trigger exciting gameplay mechanics such as charging the Fluctometer, Quantumeter and triggering wild pair explosions!

The interface for playing Reactoonz 2 is simple to use and easy to navigate. The Balance is displayed at all times, with the ability to adjust the Wager for the round at any time with set amounts or incrementally via the +and -buttons.

Auto Betting features include the ability to set the Bet Amount for each round, the number of turns for Auto Betting to run, and options to stop Auto Betting on scenarios such as a big win in a single round, balance exceeding or dipping below a set amount.

These Auto Betting options provide players options to scale up their bets and manage bankroll effectively.

Reactoonz 2 Gameplay and Bonus Features Explained

What makes the gameplay of Reactoonz 2 special is the ability to chain the gameplay action with the core mechanics - leading to a range of bonuses and big payouts.

As a cascading 7x7 grid slot game, matching 5 or more adjacent symbols leads to a payout and more symbols falling onto the field of play - possibly leading to more matches and bigger payouts. The exciting part is when you can trigger some of the wilds, leading to bonus features as listed below:

  • Electric Wilds: Each round, one random one-eyed alien symbol will 'fluctuate'. If a fluctuating symbol is involved in a match, an Electric Wild will be used in its place during the next cascade.

  • Fluctometer:If an Electric Wild is present on the field of play, the Fluctometer in the top right of the field is activated. If the Fluctometer is filled, the player will receive 1 - 3 Electric Wild symbols. Filing the Fluctometer and receiving extra Electric Wilds can occur multiple times during a round.

  • Wild Pair Explosion: If two or more Electric Wilds are placed next to each other, they trigger a Wild Pair Explosion, causing all symbols except the Wilds will be removed. If the Wilds are not directly next to one another, all symbols between the two Electric Wilds will be removed.

  • Quantumeter: Every time non-wild symbols are removed by an Electric Wild symbol, the Quantumeter is charged. After enough symbols are collected in the Quantumeter, located on the right of the field, the Quantumeter will increase in level.

There are 4 levels of the Quantumeter which affect gameplay as follows:

  • Level 1: Once 55 symbols have been collected, the Quantumeter will reach Level 1, which triggers four 1x2 Energoon Wilds to enter the game field.

  • Level 2: Activates when 85 simple have been collected and triggers one 2x2 Energoon Wild.

  • Level 3: Activates when 110 symbols have been collected and trigger a 3x3 Gargantoon Wild.

  • Level 4: The final level, triggers when 135 symbols have been collected and add a 2x multiplier for all Gargantoon wins.

  • Gargantoon Wilds: When 3x3 Gargantoon Symbol is activated, if the Gargantoon triggers a cascade it is replaced with two 2x2 Gargantoon Wild symbols. After these 2x2 Garantoon Symbols trigger cascades, they are replaced with nine 1x1 Garnatoon Wild symbols.

With multiple charge meters to keep your eye on during a round, Reactoonz 2 has fun gameplay mechanics that could lead to crazy rounds with a variety of match combinations and high payouts.

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