How to use our vault

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If you follow Stake on Twitter, you’ll know many of our giveaway prizes are sent to your vaults instead of your available balance.

For new players, the concept of a vault can be quite confusing. On some sites, there is only the one place to store your credits whereas on Stake, you can keep credit safe in a vault as well as some in your available balance.

But how exactly does one use the vault? Where can it be accessed? What are the advantages of what is essentially, an on site bank account?

Let us tell you.

What you need to know

For most players who gamble online, being able to withdraw and deposit money through a site is second nature. Other sites may differ in the way deposits and withdrawals work and how they appear, but it’s fairly easy to figure out.

Stake is no exception.

Firstly, any deposits that you make onto the site will go to your available balance. From there, you can decide to use your money however you feel.

If you’re playing cleverly, then you can set a limit for yourself and put some in your vault for safekeeping next time you come to the site.

Secondly, if you follow Stake on Twitter and are lucky enough to win a special giveaway, any bonuses will be sent to your vault, not the available balance.

Credit can be sent directly to your available balance sometimes. This would be through tips or rain from other players or staff or if you request it to go straight to available balance.

99% of the time though, giveaway prizes will be sent to your vault.

How do I access the vault?

It’s really very simple.

Below is a screenshot of a standard Stake home page. In the top right of the screen between the search bar and the chat button is a human icon.

Here, you can access your statistics, reloads, settings and much more. For today, we’ll focus on the Vault option.

When you click on the Vault option, you’ll be prompted to either deposit to or withdraw from your vault. Regarding deposits, it’s very simple.

You decide on how much you want to put into your vault and then click Deposit to Vault. Very simple and easy.

For withdrawing from your vault, it’s slightly more complicated. In order to keep your credit safe, Stake required both your password and two-factor authentication if you want to withdraw from the vault.

Decide on your amount first before you put your 2FA in. This way, you only need to get the code once and you save yourself some time.

Once you’ve done that and entered your password as well, you can deposit to your available balance and play to your heart’s content.


That’s it really. Using your vault is a very simple task that allows you to play with your money as you please. It allows you to safely leave your credit on site as well as setting yourself betting limits.

If you have any further questions about our vault, please feel free to contact our lovely support team that is available 24/7 via our website .