Roll the dice and play for big stakes with the wide selection of Dice casino games available on the Stake casino . Dice is one of the oldest and most popular games of chance in the world.

Betting on Dice has been a staple for gambling and casinos for centuries. Stake brings this gambling experience to the 21st century by providing the best online dice games within the industry all in one place, as well as our Stake Original game, Dice .

Historically, Dice games involve rolling a dice or multiple dies and betting on the outcome on the values that return face up. Many games can be derived from rolling the dice, including Craps and Sic Bo where players can bet on the outcome of a roll.

In a physical casino, dice games are like many table games involving dealers or a player rolling fair dice on a table as other bettors et on the outcome of a roll depending on the game. Online dice provide additional betting options and even variation to Dice itself, with the Stake Original version of Dice having 100 sides and control over the Roll Over/ Roll Under value whilst traditional dice games are played with 6-sided dies.

As dice gambling games are purely chance-based, they are fundamentally fun games with easy-to-understand odds to introduce betting mechanics for fun casino gameplay.

Read on to learn more or explore our guide to how to play dice games and get amongst the casino action!

Dice Games on the Casino

Stake is proud to offer a variety of Dice games available on the casino betting platform . With over a dozen dice betting games on the platform from a wide variety of providers, Stake offers the best in dice gambling online.

A selected list of dice games to bet on at the Stake casino are:

  • Dice : This Stake Original Dice game is the foundation of the Stake casino since its founding in 2017. As one of the most popular games on the platform, Dice provide players with a low friction environment to bet on a virtual 100-sided dice game, with options to adjust the Win Chance based on the Roll Over/Roll under amount as well as the bet amount. Dice is a popular game to use advanced autobetting options such as Martingale, Paroli, D 'Alembert or for players to even roll their own strategy! Provably fair with a Return to Player of 99%, Dice from features one of the lowest House Edge in the industry at 1%.

  • Sic Bo : This classic Chinese dice game is one of two dice casino games, along with craps, and is a pure game of chance. Also known as tai sai, dai siu, big and small, it is brought to life with this digital rendition from BGaming provides an authentic Sic Bo experience right from your browser. Played with three dice, players bet on certain outcomes of dice rolls and winning combinations before the game round. Winning combinations include Big and Small, Odd and Even, Doubles, Triples, Dice Combinations, Single Dice Bet and more. Discover more by reading up on how to play Sic Bo !

  • Sic Bo Dragons : Played with 4 dies instead of the traditional 3, this version of Sic Bo from Wazdan provides a spin on the classic casino dice game of Sic Bo.

Live Casino Dice Games

  • Live Craps : Evolution is the king of live casino gameplay and brings the beloved casino table game Craps into the live casino environment. The goal of traditional craps is quite simple: the player rolls two dice and can win if they roll a 7 or 11. Players lose if rolling a 2 (snake eyes), 3 or 12. This is referred to as the 'Pass Line'. Every other number combination could result in a win or loss depending on the wagers placed. Evolution has added its mechanics to this live-streamed craps game, with the game played in two phases - the 'Come Out Phase' and the 'Point Roll' phase. The Come Out phase is based on the Pass / Don't Pass wagers players can place, with all result not within the pass line proceeding to Point Roll, which leads to a Multi-Roll. If the roll isn't settled in the Come Out Phase, Point Roll Bets remain on the table until it is resolved with either a 7 or 11 (win) or 2,3,12 (craps). During a multi-roll, point bets can be made for Pass Line, Don't Pass Line, Come, Don't Come, Take Odds, Lay Odds, Place to Win, Place to Lose and Hardways! Craps is a popular dice game, from street craps to the table casino game and Evolution brings that authentic casino environment streamed directly to your device.

  • Lightning Dice : Played with 3 regular dice, Lightning Dice continues the tradition of the Lightning series of live casino games from Evolution of big multipliers and electrifying action. Players bet on any sports between 3 to 18 before the betting round and one or more lightning strikes hit numbers, drastically increasing multipliers and leading to big payouts!

  • Super Sic Bo Live : Evolution continues their live dice game offering a live casino version of the classic dice betting game, Sic Bo. With a beautiful oriental set and charismatic hosts, Super Sic Bo is one of the best ways to play Sic Bo online - with an added RNG twist with players having a chance to multiply the deposits of players each round!

  • Sic Bo Deluxe : This supercharged version of the dice game Sic Bo in which the host shakes the special dice shaker during a Sic Bo betting round. This live casino game provides additional multipliers on top of the standard Sic Bo bets.

Dice Themed Slots

As Dice is synonymous with chance, gambling and casino action it is no surprise that there would be a flurry of Dice-themed slot games available on the Stake casino. These dice slot games are:

As one of the most classic games of chance, Dice is synonymous with gambling and casinos. Stake is proud to provide such a strong offering for players to bet crypto on dice betting games - whether they be our signature dice game, craps, sic bo, live casino games or even dice-themed slots!

How to Deposit Crypto for Dice Betting on is the premier platform for players to bet Bitcoin or other available cryptocurrencies for Dice and other casino games. For depositing funds into your account to play dice games online and more, please follow the steps listed below:

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