NHL Regular Season Weekly Preview: Week 16

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NHL Betting has been wild, to say the least. More than halfway through the season, we are seeing a shift in pacing and overall gameplay from different teams in the league.

What has started out as an offensive rampage by most teams, has calmed down and now we are seeing better plays being made on the ice.

The season has been gruelling, and the depth of these rosters is always questioned with many back-to-back games and other situations that can hamper a situation.

None the less, we have a great set of matches every week for us to enjoy!

As teams are gearing up for the most crucial part of the regular season, the playoffs and other accomplishments will be in their sights.

Pressure and other emotional factors must be considered, but not ridden into the final stretch for these games.

Look for the best players in the league to take a stand and make their organizations theirs.

Taking the moment must be an all-important creation of these star players!

Let’s check out some of the marquee matchups of week sixteen on stake.com

New York Rangers versus Toronto Maple Leafs - Wednesday, January 25th

The NYR are starting to get back into their own natural groove, especially after making the past few games seem like light work.

Goals are usually not the strength of this team, rather the defensive end of the ice.

There is a strong emphasis to not get beat at the near post or any goal-scoring opportunities by opponents, and make sure everything is intact.

They often times can hit on the counter, but this string of game suggests they have found their offense as well.

They are serious contenders when they want to be, so it is no surprise they will be riding hot into this East Coast battle.

The Maple Leafs have a ton of backing from the fans, but a few disappointing seasons in a row have led to collapses within the team. 2023, the Maple Leafs will look to get back on track and make things right.

There isn’t a reason why they can’t go all the way, as their team attracts many of the top talents within the game.

World-renowned, Leafs players know they must put in a bigger effort this year.

Betting Prediction - The over on goals (surprisingly) and the Leafs to cover the goal spread against the NYR.

Boston Bruins versus Florida Panthers – Saturday, January 28th

Both the Bruins and Panthers have bigger ambitions than just to do well in the regular season.

The Bruins have been sensational in the whole calendar year, and now they are faced with a task in the Panthers that will reflect their grit and level.

The Panthers are trying to play spoiler in this matchup and try to get back.

To their old ways before this season started.

Recently, they have played better but this will be a huge game regardless.

Prediction - Bruins to win the 1x2 and money line in a tough matchup between two playoff teams.