NHL Regular Season Weekly Preview: Week 12

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This Christmas week of Hockey has been a gift-wrapped treat, to say the least.

All teams are looking to make a mark before the month of January, and it has been hard to come by.

Tightening up on all sides of the puck, whether it be offense or defence, there is pure heart and determination set by different teams.

Managers and coaches believe that this season is now taking off to the next level, which means playoff contenders and pretenders will soon be sorted out.

Although there is still ample time for some change, making sure you’re locked into the routine and know your role on the ice is important.

Both the Eastern and Western Conference look more than amped up to make a run at the Stanley Cup, but the Eastern Conference looks to have more top-heavy competitors.

Standings are truly important, but not the biggest of concerns for some, right now.

Doubling up into this post-Christmas weekend, we will see some of the best players and teams in the NHL duke it out!

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Los Angeles Kings versus Colorado Avalanche - Thursday, December 29th

The LA Kings will want to take matters into their own hands when they face the reigning, defending NHL Champions this Thursday.

Wins have not come easy for the Kings this season, but their overall defensive scheme and ability to create opportunities has done wonders.

With one of the more positive records in a tough Western Conference, they are starting to shape up as potential playoff contenders.

Although there isn’t a ton of starpower on the roster, there is teamwork and synergy.

Benefitting off puck turnovers and power play chances, the Kings are formidable in 2023.

Upcoming games will be a great test of their true talent and form, but for now they are riding waves of confidence.

Tapped into a good hold of form, they want to defeat the Avalanche in any way possible.

Colorado are sitting pretty after a fairly inconsistent start to the season by their standards.

Turning life around has been attributed to finding their form from last year and getting healthy once again.

The players have always bought into the attacking minded gameplans, but they are finally starting to gel and show it.

They are still one of the most exciting teams in all of the league, a huge threat to anyone in their path.

Defensively, they aren’t putting up stellar numbers and have weaknesses. They will be favorites in this matchup, but not by much.

Betting Prediction - Colorado Avalanche on the 1x2 and the total for goals to skyrocket as usual in this Western matchup.

Buffalo Sabres versus Boston Bruins - Saturday, December 31st

Eastern rivals come to meet in the circle once again this New Year’s Eve.

A makeshift Christmas would come at a good time for the Sabres, as they need to reup their roster and season.

The Bruins visiting might not be a great gift, although. Boston has shown their true colours, made the right plays and winning without mistakes.

The key to their success has been the bend but don’t break defence, along with some of the best power play possessions in the league.

Making life hard has been a key theme for the Bruins, and the Sabres will definitely feel pressurized in making decisions throughout.

Prediction - Sabres +1.5 in a tight game, but an ultimate loss.

13 अप्रैल 2024
सेकंड ब्रेक
New York Rangers - New York Islanders
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )
शुरू 32 मिनट में
Dallas Stars - Seattle Kraken
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )

8:00 pm

Colorado Avalanche - Winnipeg Jets
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )

9:00 pm

Florida Panthers - Buffalo Sabres
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )

9:00 pm

Philadelphia Flyers - New Jersey Devils
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )

9:30 pm

Washington Capitals - Tampa Bay Lightning
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )

11:00 pm

Ottawa Senators - Montreal Canadiens
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )

11:00 pm

Toronto Maple Leafs - Detroit Red Wings
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )
14 अप्रैल 2024

12:00 am

Pittsburgh Penguins - Boston Bruins
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )

12:00 am

Nashville Predators - Columbus Blue Jackets
विनर (इन्क्लूडिंग ओवर टाइम एंड पेनल्टीस )