Promotional Content February 10, 2023

Conquer the Casino!

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Conquer the Casino on a range of 10+ new games this week!

Hold first position on the Lucky Wins or Big Wins leaderboards after one week on any qualifying game to score yourself big prizes!

BIG WINS: Largest payout on the game this week

LUCKY WINS: Highest multiplier on the game this week

Find the Lucky Win and Big Win leaderboards directly under your slot game as you spin!

Prizes Breakdown

– Lucky Win Prize per game
– Big Win Prize per game
– Lucky Win from Eddie's Choice game
– Big Win from Eddie's Choice game

Terms and Conditions

  • If the top multiplier on the Lucky Win leaderboard is shared between multiple players, the Lucky Win prize will be awarded to the player whose bet amount was higher. If the bet amounts are still the same, then and only then will the prize be split.
  • Furthermore, any streamers with ongoing affiliate benefits will not be eligible to receive Big Win prizes
  • When browsing the site with the fiat currency view on. It reads all the crypto values on the screen, and converts it to the live fiat currency conversion rate. When a player places in the Big Win's section, their place is locked in with their payout crypto value at the time. Due to pricing fluctuations, this can result in a player's fiat currency displaying a higher amount than another due to the difference in the value of the bet when it was placed, versus the price of the crypto now.
  • Minimum bet to be eligible for any prize in this promotion is 10c USD or currency equivalent
  • The winner/s of the Eddie's Choice game will only be awarded the dedicated Eddie's Choice prizes for that week, not in conjunction with the standard Lucky & Big Win prize for the other nine games