Promotional Content Fri Oct 15 2021 – Fri Oct 22 2021

Conquer the Casino!

You'd know about our new releases by now, where we release 10+ new games every single Friday, making it the perfect start to the weekend!
But now, we're taking it up a notch. Win a share in $5,000 every single week, just by playing our new games, and maybe even getting a bit lucky too!
Play any qualifying game and earn the first place on our 
Lucky Wins
Big Wins 
leaderboard! Whoever leads after one week will earn big prizes!

Prizes Breakdown

– Per lucky win per game
– Per big win per game
– Lucky win with highest multiplier
– Big win with highest payout

Terms and Conditions

  • If the top multiplier on the Lucky Win leaderboard is shared between multiple players, the Lucky Win prize will be awarded to the player whose bet amount was higher. If the bet amounts are still the same, then and only then will the prize be split.
  • Furthermore, any streamers with ongoing affiliate benefits will not be eligible to receive Big Win prizes from the week of July 2-9 onwards.
  • When browsing the site with the fiat currency view on. It reads all the crypto values on the screen, and converts it to the live fiat currency conversion rate. When a player places in the Big Win's section, their place is locked in with their payout crypto value at the time. Due to pricing fluctuations, this can result in a player's fiat currency displaying a higher amount than another due to the difference in the value of the bet when it was placed, versus the price of the crypto now.