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Fri, Jun 21 2:00 AM

Panthen, Jordan - Toney, Victor

Fri, Jun 21 4:00 PM

Khademi, Quaise - Farrag, Ryan

Fri, Jun 21 4:30 PM

Arthur, Lyndon - Cameron, Liam

Fri, Jun 21 11:50 PM

Zamora, Demler - Meza, Antonio

Sat, Jun 22 12:10 AM

Diaz, Floyd - Pedroza Portillo, Franciso

Sat, Jun 22 12:30 AM

Isley, Troy - Martinez, Javier

Sat, Jun 22 1:00 AM

Cortes, Andres - Nova, Abraham

Sat, Jun 22 1:30 AM

Espinoza, Rafael - Sanchez, Sergio

Sat, Jun 22 12:00 PM

El Garmaoui, Adel - Chellan, Wassim

Sat, Jun 22 6:00 PM

Sulaimaan, Ibraheem - Gonzales, Jesus

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Boxing Betting Odds & Markets Online

At Stake.com, we’re big boxing fans and provide you with many boxing betting options. Back your favourite fighters in the biggest fights on the calendar while also looking for value on the undercards, identifying up-and-coming boxers that offer great value.

You can create an account for free at Stake to bet on upcoming boxing matches, benefitting from speedy deposits and instant withdrawals in your local currency or in the cryptocurrency of your choice , choosing from the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Litecoin, among others.

Stake is the leading sportsbook online , and we offer international boxing betting markets, betting tips and betting options for a whole host of other sports and events.

When you sign up for Stake.com, all you need is an internet connection and the desire to bet on boxing, and you stand to profit from your selections. Read on to learn everything you need to know about betting on boxing odds at Stake.com and how you can profit from upcoming fights.

History of Boxing

Boxing has been a popular sport for a long time and has its roots in Ancient Greece, where it was first introduced to the Olympic Games. Boxing was also popular in Ancient Rome, where gladiators often maimed and killed their opponents in boxing fights to the death.

It wasn’t until the 18th century that modern-day boxing as we know it gained popularity. On the streets of London, bare-knuckle boxing prizefights saw contestants fight for money while the spectators regularly placed wagers on the outcome.

In 1719, James Figg was declared boxing’s first-ever heavyweight champion. By 1743, another champion named John Broughton standardised a set of rules that added significant structure around these often violent matchups.

By 1838, Broughton’s Rules were revised and replaced by the original London Prize Ring Rules, which governed boxing until the end of the 19th century. After that, the Queensbury Rules were established, transitioning boxing away from a bare-knuckle street fighting sport into a sport of skill and sophisticated rules.

To this day, boxing is governed by the Queensbury Rules, even though there have been multiple adaptations in recent years, particularly those focusing on the safety and well-being of fighters.

Rules of Boxing

The standardisation of boxing rules over the past century has made the game much less violent and dangerous, focusing on the skillfulness and agility of the fighters as opposed to sheer brute strength.

A boxing bout takes place in a ring - ironically named as it’s a square! - and fighters are required to wear gloves to protect their hands. Boxers are split into weight categories, with different governing bodies having different weights and names for their groupings.

In professional boxing, bouts take place over 12 three-minute rounds, with one minute of rest scheduled in between rounds. The only accepted form of attack in the ring is punching with a clenched fist, and fighters must not strike below the belt, in the kidneys, or on the back of an opponent’s neck or head.

Boxing bouts can be settled by knockout, technical knockout, disqualification, or by the judge's decision. In professional boxing, point scoring is a big part of the sport and often contributes to the announcement of the winning fighter.

The judges score each round based on a subjective method, enabling them to identify the winning fighter. If all three judges pick the same fighter, the result is unanimous, but split decisions and draws are also possible.

Now that you understand the basics let’s look at the different betting options available and the various governing bodies that schedule prize fights.

Upcoming Biggest Boxing Matches & Live Betting

At Stake Sportsbook, we have the biggest boxing odds, boxing betting lines, and markets available so you an bet on boxing fights throughout the boxing calendar. Be sure to keep an eye on the upcoming boxing matches, as well as live boxing fights so you can get amongst the memorable moments!

Learn more about the differences between live betting vs. pre-match betting and how to devise the best betting strategy to win at Stake.

How to Bet on Boxing & Types of Bets

There are lots of ways to bet on boxing at Stake.com. Read up on our guide on how to bet on boxing , and discover the types of bets and betting options:

Moneyline (Head to Head)

The easiest way to bet on boxing is to place a moneyline bet . This head-to-head bet enables you to pick the winner of an upcoming bout. It doesn’t matter how a fight is won or how many rounds it lasts - your only concern in a moneyline bet is who wins the fight, and you will be paid out accordingly if your selection wins in the ring.

Method of victory

Boxing fans can also bet on the method of victory of a specific fighter, be it a technical KO, straight KO, or disqualification, for instance. You can study a fighter’s history and ascertain which method of victory is most likely before placing your bet.

Round betting

Another popular boxing bet at Stake.com is round betting. You can bet on how many rounds you think the fight will last ( over/under ) and in which round you think the fight will end. As with the method of victory, this is a popular way of building value into your betting slip.

Will the fight go the distance?

Although a simple bet, boxing fans can place a simple yes/no bet on whether an upcoming fight will go the distance. This can be a good bet to place when two boxers are evenly matched, and it’s tough to pick a winner.

Boxing Governing Bodies

As you prepare to place your boxing bets at Stake.com, it’s important to be aware of the different boxing governing bodies, as they are the organisations responsible for putting on the bouts. The most prominent boxing governing bodies include:

World Boxing Association (WBA)

The oldest and most prominent of all of the boxing governing bodies, the WBA has been in existence since 1962. The WBA has various weight classes and divisions for fighters, starting at a minimum and working up to heavyweight.

Fighters who are starting their careers set their sights on securing the WBA belt for their weight category, and winning a WBA title is often a career highlight. But it’s not the only boxing governing body you can bet on at Stake.

World Boxing Council (WBC)

The World Boxing Council (WBC) certainly rivals the WBA in terms of prestige, and the WBC’s title fights attract global audiences. To put things into perspective, Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, and George Foreman were the first four men to be awarded the WBC heavyweight champion belt, highlighting its prestige in the boxing world.

Today, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are the biggest names in WBC boxing, and their bouts attract millions of viewers from around the world. Winning a WBC belt is big news in the world of boxing, and title bouts offer a vast range of betting opportunities, all of which you can place at Stake.com.

International Boxing Federation (IBF)

There are 17 IBF weight categories, and many of the biggest names in British boxing compete in IBF bouts, with Anthony Joshua as one of the most prominent fighters in the present day.

Although the IBF doesn’t attract the same level of interest as the WBC, it is still a federation that puts on several high-profile events every year, and boxing fans can find a broad range of IBF betting options available at Stake.

World Boxing Organisation (WBO)

Based in Puerto Rico, the WBO was formed following a divide in the leadership of the WBA in the 1980s. The WBO achieved global renown in the 1990s, with fighters such as Chris Eubank, Johnny Tapia, and Naseem Hamed all securing titles.

Today, the WBO still puts on a number of high-profile bouts every year, and you can bet on your favourite WBO fighters including Floyd Mayweather Jr. at Stake.com.

Boxing Betting Tips & Strategies

Whether you're a big boxing fan, or a casual sports bettor, online sports betting on boxing is a fun way to get amongst the boxing action. Before placing your bets on boxing fights, it's important to adopt a betting strategy to increase your potential winnings.

Stake's online sportsbook has the ultimate sports betting strategies so you can find all the boxing news and boxing match predictions from our boxing experts. Be sure to take advantage of our sports betting bonuses and promotions for more big wins!

How to Deposit & Withdraw to Bet on Boxing Online

Betting on boxing on Stake's online betting site with fiat currency, Bitcoin or the cryptocurrency of your choice is easy. You can deposit funds into your Stake.com account by following these simple steps listed below:

  • Step 1 - Retrieve your deposit address, located in Wallet > Deposit.

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  • Step 4 (Optional) - If you need to make a deposit via fiat currency, you can do so easily, or you can buy crypto for Stake via Moonpay .

Deposits and withdrawals on Stake are instant and in the available cryptocurrency of your choice - suitable for the active boxing gambler interested in betting on their favourite upcoming boxing fights.

Learn more about deposit and withdrawal methods for betting, with our online payment methods guide at Stake.com.

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