3rd set
Korolev, Semyon - Matveev, Igor
About to start
Sorokin, Maksim - Soldusov, Oleg
Starts in 14 minutes
Cheklin, Mikhail - Petrov, Mikhail
Starts in 14 minutes
Bukhtiiarov, Ivan - Kharchenko, Evgeniy
Starts in 29 minutes
Soldusov, Oleg - Gurov, Anton Andreevich
Starts in 44 minutes
Petrov, Mikhail - Matveev, Igor
Starts in 44 minutes
Kharchenko, Evgeniy - Shkurko, Artem Olegovich
Starts in 59 minutes
Selkin, Vladimir - Sorokin, Maksim

Sat, Mar 25 11:15 AM

Lialichev, Dmitrii - Bukhtiiarov, Ivan

Sat, Mar 25 11:15 AM

Korolev, Semyon - Cheklin, Mikhail


Event User Time Odds Bet Amount

Table Tennis Betting Odds & Tips - Bet on Table Tennis Online

Stake online sportsbook is the home of table tennis odds and betting, with a huge selection of markets and major tournaments covered, offering you many choices when placing your table tennis bets this year.

Table tennis is a great sport to watch live, as it’s fast-paced and played with a huge amount of skill, ensuring entertainment for all.

Some of the most prominent table tennis events on the calendar include the TT Elite Series , TT Cup , and Challenger Series, all of which are available to bet on at Stake.

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Learn everything you need to know about table tennis odds and betting at Stake online sportsbook and how to profit from this much-loved sport this season.

Table Tennis Leagues and Ping Pong Tournaments

Table tennis is extremely popular in specific parts of the world, with many of the best players coming from Asia. However, you can place bets on table tennis tournaments from all around the world, with many domestic and international events covered, including the following:

  • The Olympics: The Olympics need a minimal introduction, and it’s the biggest table tennis event on the calendar, played out every four years.

  • TT Elite Series : A tournament in which the best players in Europe compete against one another to become the TT champion.

  • Liga Pro : A Russian table tennis tournament, and of the world's biggest domestic table tennis leagues, based in Moscow, Russia.

  • Setka Cup : A platform that hosts and organises table tennis tournaments in different parts of the world, including Poland, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic.

You will find table tennis betting markets available for the above table tennis tournaments, enabling you to bet on your favourite players, team competitions and leagues without issue. Let’s look at the different types of table tennis bets you can place at

How to Bet on Table Tennis and Types of Table Tennis Bets

The good news is that there are lots of different bets you can place on table tennis, providing you with many opportunities to profit from the sport. Some of the markets available at include the following:


As with all sports betting, the easiest way to bet on table tennis at is to pick the winner of an upcoming match. You don’t need to worry about the margin of victory or the number of sets won; all that matters is which player emerges victorious at the end of the game.

Specific game winner

Every table tennis match comprises several games, as the sport follows a best-of format. As such, you can place a wager on who you think will win a specific game within a match, making things more enjoyable on your betting slip.

Correct score

As table tennis matches are played in a best-of format, a correct score bet is a great option. Whether you think the match will be tight or if you think a whitewash is possible, a correct score wager is a great way of hedging your bets.

Total points

Most table tennis matches comprise three or more games, with players competing to score 11 points. As such, you can place an over/under wager on the total number of points you think will be scored in a match, which is a way of betting on table tennis without worrying about the player who wins the match-up.

Points handicap

Handicap betting is a great way to bet on popular sports. If there’s an overwhelming favourite in a particular match-up, a points handicap bet is a way of levelling the playing field. If you bet on the favourite, they will need to overcome the points handicap set for your bet to succeed. For example, Fan Zhendong of China might be picked as the favourite to win, so you might want to place a points handicap bet.

Set winner

The number of sets in a table tennis match depends on how well the winner does and the format of the competition. But you can place a wager on which player you think will win a specific set, enabling you to break your betting slip down even further to identify the best table tennis odds available.

Table Tennis Betting Tips and Strategies

When betting on table tennis games, it’s really important to develop a strategy to inform your betting, to ensure that you can pick winners more often than not. Some tips to consider when looking for the best table tennis odds include:

  • Understand the format: When betting on table tennis, you need to be aware that the game format often changes. One tournament might have a best-of-three format, while another might have a best-of-five. Understanding the format will provide insight into the best value bets to place.

  • Read the competition rules: You also need to understand the rules of each table tennis tournament you bet on to ensure that you aren’t surprised when placing your bets.

  • Research form: Even the best table tennis players in the world dip in and out of form, so it makes sense to research how a player is performing before betting on them.

  • Watch table tennis live streams: Most major table tennis tournaments are live-streamed online, providing you with ample opportunity to tune into live action. It’s helpful to watch as much live table tennis as you can before betting, so you’re familiar with how the game works.

At Stake, we have the biggest betting events with the best sports betting odds, making us a top choice when it comes to table tennis betting sites. Get more tips and tricks with our online betting tips that includes the latest betting stats for all your favourite exciting events in popular markets on our online sportsbook.

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Live Betting Options for Table Tennis

Due to the above-mentioned live streams, you can easily tune into table tennis live online and place your bets as the action unfolds.

There are many live betting options for table tennis at, and you can find live markets in your account dashboard. Just remember that table tennis is an incredibly fast-paced game, so you will need to be quick when placing live bets to ensure that you don’t miss out when the action is unfolding.

Table Tennis Betting Odds and Payouts

Table tennis odds are presented in three different formats online – fractional (3/1), decimal (3.00) and American (+300). You can decide how you would like to see table tennis odds represented by adjusting the settings within your account.

Thanks to our instant crypto deposits and payouts at, you can expect immediate withdrawals after processing your table tennis winnings.

Why Bet on Table Tennis on Stake Online Sportsbook is the home of crypto sports betting opportunities, and it’s the perfect platform for table tennis odds and betting, with all the major leagues, events and table tennis markets available.

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