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With most major soccer leagues currently scarce due to the current climate, the time has come for the highest quality of soccer to come back; in the form of Simulated Soccer .

Stake.com are excited to announce that Simulated Soccer has now hit the platform. A new way to watch and bet on your favourite teams in matches that seem almost as if they are happening in real life.

What is Simulated Soccer?

No, it has nothing to do with Neymar and his on-field simulation.

Simulated Soccer will see the best clubs from the world’s biggest leagues face off in matches that reflect remaining league matches that are not yet to be played due to the current world climate.

Substituting the world’s best and most competitive leagues, Simulated Soccer is sports betting like you’ve never seen before.

Stake will offer over 40 pre-match and live markets, making this a simulated experience that may as well be real.

Simulated Soccer will combine the use of artificial intelligence, historic data and real club form to produce a 90 minute match that will create a sports betting experience like no other.

Using Stake’s very own live match tracker, punters are going to be able to bet on their favourite leagues as if they were being played in real time. This, replicating matches from upcoming weekends of soccer that us as punters are missing so dearly.

Matches will be played in conjunction with the times that matches would normally be played throughout selected leagues. Thus making this a weekend-long betting experience that all soccer fans are going to get around.

Will it be Liverpool, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or Juventus? Punters are going to be able to bet on their favourite teams all weekend long – only simulated!

  • Nine of the world’s biggest leagues

  • 40+ in-play and pre-match markets

  • Games throughout entire weekend

  • Stake’s exclusive live-match tracker

  • A betting experience like no other

Find Simulated Soccer under featured in our Soccer menu, or click here to check it out now – Stake’s newest way to bet smarter.

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